Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Converted in the year 566 by st columba of ireland

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Unformatted text preview: ul. "Tell me," I coaxed. "In the great circle," he said. "We will go there. I have always been there. I mean that you will go there." "Can you be there and with us at the same time?" "Yes," he said with a sigh. But there seemed some doubt in his mind. It was, again, the limits of his thinking. "Be clever, spirit, who are you?" I asked. "Lasher, called by Suzanne, in the glen," said he. "You know me. I have done so well for you, Julien." "Tell me where my daughter Mary Beth is, then, spirit. I hope you did not leave her somewhere in this dark city to her own devices." "Her devices are very good, Julien, allow me to remind you. But I left her to her own vices rather than devices." "Which means what?" "She found a Scot who would be the father of her witch." I shot out of the chair in a protective rage! "Where is Mary Beth?" But even then I heard her singing as she came down the corridor. Sh...
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