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Could real mistake that she could hear the little

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Unformatted text preview: what does that mean?" Silence. Of course they both knew what it could mean. "Did Mona shock anybody tonight?" "Only her cousin David. I'd say she had a good day. Pierce is fine. He's gone out for a dip with Clancy. The pool is steaming. Barbara's asleep. Shelby called; sorry she didn't come home. Lilia called too. Mandrake called. Jenn's snuggled up with Elizabeth in the den. I'm about to collapse where I stand." Gifford gave a long sigh. "Mona went home to that house with those two? All alone on Mardi Gras?" "Mona is all right, you know she is. Ancient Evelyn would call me here if anything was wrong. She was sitting beside Alicia's bed this afternoon when I left them." "And so we lie to ourselves about that, as always, along with every- thing else." "Gifford." "Yes, Ryan?" "I want to ask you a question. I've never asked you anything like this before, and I don't think I could ask you now, if we weren't. . ."...
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