Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Dear god help us help us i cried help us this is evil

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Unformatted text preview: to save himself from it. He joined in the fear and hatred and the disgust. He slew his clan to save himself! Even his wife he sacrificed. This is your great saint. A monster who deceived those around him so that he might lead and glut himself with glory and not die with his own breed." "For the love of God, child," said my father to me. "This is our miracle now. It comes once in so many hundred years." My sister turned to glare at me, even as he pulled her back. And I saw them together, looking at me, and I saw them as humans, and how alike they were. "Wait," I said softly, so softly that it might as well have been a wild cry. "I see clearly," I said. "All of us are born with a chance before God. The word Taltos means nothing in itself. I am flesh and blood. I am baptized. I have received Holy Orders. I have a soul. Physical mon- strosity, that does not keep me out of heaven. It is what I do! We are not predestined as the Lutherans and the Calvi...
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