Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Do it he wanted to take off her long pants again and

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Unformatted text preview: are having supper here but we are leaving?" asked Yuri, as he took the black raincoat from her hand. "We're going to the Cathedral," said Aaron. He slipped on the tweed coat and straightened the thick lapels. He checked for his linen handkerchief. How many times had Yuri watched this procedure? Now Aaron checked his pockets for his keys, and his passport and another piece of paper, which he unfolded as he looked at Beatrice and smiled. "Come with us and witness the marriage," said Beatrice. "Magda- lene and Lily will meet us there." "Ah, you are really to be married!" "Yes, darling," said Beatrice. "Let's be off. The supper will be ruined if we keep it waiting too long. This is a Mayfair recipe, Yuri. You appreciate spicy food, I hope? This is crawfish etouffee." "Thank you, Yuri," said Aaron softly. She slipped into her own dark jacket, which made the shirtwaist silk dress look suddenly very formal and sedate. "Ah, this is a privilege," said Yuri. For this he would wait fo...
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