Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Do you know everything nope wish i did but then again

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Unformatted text preview: enly felt freakish and confused. She might have cried. "Why don't I put you in the front bedroom?" he said. "It's all clean and neat in there, has been since Rowan left. You want to sleep in there? That's a nice room." His voice was thick. His eyes were closed as he talked. He stroked her hand affectionately. "Front bedroom's fine," she said. "There are some flannel nightgowns in there. They were Rowan's. I gave them to her. They'll be too long. But wait a minute, maybe Aunt Viv is still awake. Maybe I should tell her you're here." "Aunt Viv is uptown, with Aunt Cecilia," she said, venturing to squeeze his hand one more time. It was beginning to feel a little warm. "They've become famous friends, Aunt Viv and Aunt Cecilia. I think Aunt Viv is now an honorary Mayfair." "Aaron. Aaron is in the second bedroom," he said, as though think- ing aloud. "Aaron's with Aunt Bea. He and Bea have a thing together. They went back to his suite at the Pontchartrain, because she is far too proper to take him home.&quot...
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