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Donnelaith says i i may have the spelling wrong here

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Unformatted text preview: " said Gerald, as if this were the first time Lark had said anything that made sense. Lark just laughed to himself. He wondered if Martha had family around to go with her to Flanagan's funeral. Twenty JULIEN S STORY CONTINUES LET ME pass quickly to the point. I did not lay eyes upon the bleak dreamy landscape of Donnelaith until the year 1888. My "memo- ries" continued much in the same vein, though there was increasingly confusing material mixed up with them. By that time, Mary Beth had grown into a powerful witch, more quick-witted, cunning and philosophically interesting than Katherine, Marguerite and even Marie Claudette insofar as I could judge such things. But then Mary Beth was of a new age-postwar, post-crinoline, as they said. She worked by my side in my three endeavors: care of family; pursuit of pleasure; making money. She became my confidante, and my only friend. I had many lovers during these years-men and women. I was married. My darling wife, Suzette, whom I loved very much in my own selfish way, gave me four children....
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