Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Dont be a fool its nothing abnormal its sugar with

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Unformatted text preview: both eat dinner before they started their nightly party. Everything is nice and quiet up here. Ancient Evelyn spoke today. She said she wanted to sit on the porch and watch the streetcars pass. So don't worry. I've got everything covered." Everything covered! And then there was Mona's strange admission to Pierce, surely a calculated lie, "Look, I like having them drunk all the time. I mean I wish they were living human beings and all, and that they weren't drinking themselves right into the grave before my eyes, but hell, I have plenty of freedom. I can't stand it when meddlesome cousins come over here and start asking me what my bedtime is, or if I've done my homework. I walk all over town. Nobody bugs me." Pierce had been so amused. Pierce adored Mona, which was a sur- prising thing, because in general Pierce liked innocent, cheerful people like his cousin and fiancee, Clancy Mayfair. Mona wasn't innocent, except in the most serious sense of the word. That is, she didn't think s...
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