Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Dont you realize what that means well i know rowan was

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Unformatted text preview: y cousins in this family, and inbreeding has been rampant. No, inbreeding has been almost calculated, and these people are not exactly proud of it. They don't want genetic testing. They've been approached in the past." "But there could be others carrying this extra chromosomal pack- age. What about the father of the creature . . . the man who impreg- nated Rowan! He has to have the ninety-two chromosomes." "He does? The man was her husband. You're certain of that?" "Yes, absolutely." "We'll get to him in a minute. There's lots of data on him. Talk to me about the creature's brain. What did you see in the CAT scans?" "It's one and one-half the size of a human brain. Phenomenal growth took place in the frontal lobes between the scans done in Paris and those in Berlin. I would bet it has immense linguistic and verbal abilities. But that's just a guess. And there is something also extremely complex about its hearing. Superficially there is every indicatio...
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