Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Edith died this afternoon hemorrhage same as gifford

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Unformatted text preview: he stared at him. No record now but these specimens. No communication to anyone that this thing lived and breathed and wanted to breed. At the doors of the hotel, as he arranged for the car to take them to the airport, she gave the bag of medical specimens to the doorman, with a bundle of Swiss francs, and said in German hurriedly that the bag must go at once to Dr. Samuel Larkin. Turning her back on the man immediately, she walked towards the waiting car as Lasher turned and smiled at her and put out his hand. "My wife, how tired she looks," he said softly with a little smile. "How sick she has been." "Yes, very," she said, wondering what the bellhop saw when he looked at her, her bruised and thin face. "Let me hold you, darling dear." He put his arms around her in the backseat. He kissed her as they drove away. She did not bother to look to see if the doorman had gone inside with the medical bag. She did not dare. The concierge would find the address in...
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