Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: ade money in all the new postwar enterprises-building, merchandising, cotton factoring, whatever opportunity there was, and I perceived also that to keep my family rich, I had to extend its interests far beyond New Orleans. New Orleans went through waves of boom and bust; but as a port we were losing our preeminence. I made my first trips to New York in the postwar years. With the fiend happily occupied at home, I lived as a free man in Manhattan. I began in earnest the real building of an enduring fortune. My brother, Remy, went to live in the First Street house. I visited often. And in time, convincing myself that there was no reason I could not have everything a good man should have, I fell in love with my young cousin Suzette, who reminded me of Katherine in her innocence. I prepared to occupy the First Street house as master, with my brother and his family living there agreeably as part of the household. Now, something else was coming across to me, in bright flashes, about the villain and his memories. As I continued to "recall" the Cathedral and the glen, the town of Donnelaith, images became more viv...
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