Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Evelyns only living witness gone to the grave it had

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Unformatted text preview: "Oh, my darling, the real world will never accept," Stella had said. She'd been already having an affair with a man on board. "But we shall meet. I shall arrange a little place downtown for us together." Stella had been true to her word, and what an enchanting little courtyard apartment it had been, and only for them. Laura Lee had been back in school all day, no trouble. Laura Lee had never suspected a thing. It had rather amused Evelyn-she and Stella making love in that little cluttered place, with its bare brick walls, and the noise of the restaurant beyond, and none of the Mayfair clan knowing a thing about it. Love you, my darling. It was only to Stella that Evelyn had ever shown Julien's Victrola. Only Stella knew that Evelyn had taken it from the First Street house at Julien's command. Julien the ghost who was ever close to her, when- ever she imagined him, the feel of his hair, the touch of his skin. For years after his death, Evelyn had crept up to her room, and wound the Victrola. She'd put on the records and played the waltz; she'd closed h...
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