Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Even before my first christmas there i had read the

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Unformatted text preview: s suffering, dying. But as my fear crested, the memory became nothing but the violent quavering of my body, the tensing of my hands. The priest enfolded me in his arms and went to lead me from the hall. "You will not destroy what God has done." I almost wept at his touch, his warm arms guiding me. I was then led out of the castle by the priest and by my father, and e L^rd, who came with us, eyeing me with great suspicion, and over to the Cathedral we went. The snow still fell lightly, people every- LASHER where passed us, mounded with wool and furs. It was almost impossi- ble to make out who was a man, who was a woman, so covered up were they, and so hunkered over against the cold. Some of them were small- ish, rather like children, but I could see their faces were old and gnarled. The Cathedral was open and filled with lights, and the people were singing, and as we drew close I saw that the same greenery had been strewn all about the great arched doors. The singing was swelling and beautiful beyond belief. The...
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