Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Anne Rice v1 Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: lar. There is no cellar. I know that. Well, then the attic. He opened the door Slowly. Silence in the big hall. Silence in the double parlor. But there was the envelope on the hall table-where all mail and deliveries were placed. He could see the familiar embossed name of Mayfair and Mayfair. He tiptoed out, took the envelope, fear- ful that any moment Eugenia or Henri would appear, and then he went into the dining room. He could sit at the head of the table and read the thing, and that way, if anybody went near that library door, he could stop them. Sooner or later, she would wake up and get dressed. And then? He didn't know. He just hoped she didn't go home, that she didn't leave him here. Rotten coward, he thought. Rowan, would you understand all this? Funny thing was, Rowan might. Rowan understood men, better than any woman he'd ever known, even Mona. He switched on the floor lamp by the fireplace, then sat down at the head of the table and removed the packet of Xeroxes from the envelope. It was pretty much what they'd told him. The geneticists in New York and Europe had gotten a bit sarcastic 185 about the specimens. "This seems to be a calculated combination of genetic material f...
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