Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Father i can do this as any priest can do it said i

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Unformatted text preview: esire. "We are proud to initiate you, virgin child," said the eldest of the women, who was as beautiful as all the rest. They drew me across the tiles and into the bedchamber. They took off my sandals and removed my robes; then they flung their dresses this way and that, crying out in jubilation, and they danced about me, naked as nymphs, singing some little song. It was all a joke to them! It was all a game. They were shocking the young Franciscan, who though he had a full beard still had the expression of a child. But I was not shocked. Once more a strange knowing came to me of a time when all the world had done these things; the Garden of Delights it had been, with all romping naked, and playing and singing and dancing; and flowers all about us, and plenty of fruit to eat. Then fear took hold of me. Gone, all that. Blackness. I was meantime making like a satyr for these women, which they found very amusing, and which I could not help. At last they tumbled into the bed next to...
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