Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Fathers voice had long ago died out in the rumble of

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Unformatted text preview: me I was the Devil. Far and wide people knew who did not dare to show their displeasure. And then there wecjs|iBdl my gambling, whoring friends, who thought it strange and urip%ly, but when I did not falter a step in my usual dance, they merely gave a shrug and accepted it. That's one thing I found out, you can carry off most any sin, if you just do nothing. Ah, but the baby was coming. Once again, the whole family held its breath. And Lasher? When I saw him at all, he was as impassive as he had ever been. He hovered near Katherine all the time, unseen by her. 287 "It was his doing," my mother said. "He pushed you into her arms. Stop fretting. She has to have more babies, everyone knows, she has to have a daughter. Why not you for the father, a powerful witch? I think it's a fine idea." I didn't bother to talk about it again with her. And I didn't know if it had been his doing. I don't know now. All I knew was it was the most expensive pleasure I'd ever bought, this rape, and that I, Julien, who could kill men at any time without a qualm, felt filthy...
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