Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

For a long time she sat beside him on the floor

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Unformatted text preview: many shades of red are there in this room?" He began to crawl about on all fours looking at the colors in the carpet, and then moving along the walls. He had long hard sturdy white thighs, and forearms of uncommon length. But when he was dressed it wasn't so noticeable. Around three in the morning, she managed to escape to the bath- room alone; it seemed the greatest of dreams to have that moment of privacy. That was to be the pattern of the future. At times in Paris, she had dreamed only of finding a private bathroom, where he was not right outside the door, listening to every sound, calling out to her to make her confess she was still there and not trying to escape, whether or not there was a window through which she might have climbed. He got the passport himself the next day. He said that he would find a man who resembled him. "And what if he doesn't have a passport?" she asked. "Well, we shall go to a place of traveling men, won't we? Where people go to get passports, and t...
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