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For one instant michael saw rowan in him saw the

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Unformatted text preview: said. "Our tasks are simple. We take care of Rowan. And we find this man." She looked at the others, one by one, first those to her right, then those to her left, then those across the table from her, and finally at Aaron. She went on: "The historical records of the Talamasca have been of invaluable help to us in tracing the history of our family. Anything which can be verified has been verified without a single contradiction or flaw." "What the hell does that mean?" demanded Randall. "How do you verify nonsense like-?" "All the historical facts," said Lauren, "which have been mentioned in the narrative have been checked. The painting by Rembrandt of Deborah has been authenticated. Records regarding the Dutchman Petyr van Abel, still extant in Amsterdam, have been copied for our private family files. But I will not get drawn off into a long defense of the documents or of the Talamasca. Suffice it to say they have been helpful to us throughout the time of Rowan's disappearance. The...
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