Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

For one second he stared in horrible regret at the

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Unformatted text preview: th. 54i "But in the islands and in the Highlands, the breed survived, for it could multiply like rats. And finally when the Christian faith was brought to this country, when the Irish monks came in the name of St. Patrick, it was Ashlar the leader of the Taltos who knelt to the image of the Crucified Christ and declared that all his kind should be murdered, for they had no souls! There was a reason behind it, Ashlar! For he knew that if the Taltos really learnt the ways of civilization, in their childish- ness, and idiocy, and penchant to breed, they could never be stopped. "Ashlar was no longer of his people. He was of the Christians. He had been to Rome. He had spoken to Gregory the Great. "So he condemned his fellow Taltos! He turned on them. The people made it a ritual, an offering, as cruel a pagan slaughter as ever was known. "But down through the years, in the blood, the seed travels, to throw up these slender giants, born knowing, these strange creatures whom God has given th...
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