Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

For six years yuri went to school in amsterdam he

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Unformatted text preview: ed himself some- what. He straightened the lapels of his coat, and he gave a long sigh. He looked calmly at Yuri. "We belong to an organization. In that organization, he thought of me as his father, but I wasn't really his father. And he came to Rome in order to die. It was his wish to die here. I did what he wanted. If he had wanted anything else done he would have told me. But all he asked of me was that I take care of you." Again, mind reading. So clever, these men! What were they? A bunch of rich gypsies? Yuri sneered. He folded his arms, and dug his heel into the carpet and looked at the man suspiciously. "I want to help you," the man said. "You're better than the gypsies who stole you." "I know," said Yuri. He thought of his mother. "Some people are better than others. Much better." "Exactly." Bolt now, he thought. And he tried it, but once again the man tackled him and held him tight. Yuri was strong for ten and this was an old man. But it was no good. "Give up just for a moment, Yuri," said the man. "Give up long enough for us to go to the bank and open the deposit box. Then we can decide what to do...
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