Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Gifford silence on the other end of the line a lawyer

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Unformatted text preview: ; "Talking on the phone." "Yes. Talking on the phone." They had many times discussed this strange aspect of their long marriage, that their best conversations were on the phone, that some- how or other, they were patient with each other on the phone, and could avoid the battles they fought when together. "This is the question," said Ryan in his customary direct way. "What do you think happened on Christmas Day at that house? What happened to Rowan? Do you have any suspicion, any inkling, any vibe of any kind?" Gifford was speechless. It was more than true that Ryan had never asked her a question like this in all their lives. Most of Ryan's energy went to preventing Gifford from seeking answers to difficult questions. This was not only unprecedented, it was alarming. Because Gifford realized that she could not rise to the occasion. She didn't have a witch's answer to this question. She thought for a long moment, listening to the fire burn, and to the soft sigh of the water outside, so sof...
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