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Give me robes give me vestments said i i would bring

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Unformatted text preview: he creche with the shep- herds and the Holy Family-but I knew that as soon as I obtained permission, I would go. Travel north and find Donnelaith. See for yourself what is there. I went to talk to the Guardian, our Father Superior, a wise and kindly man who had served all his life in the place of Francis's birth. He heard me out calmly and then spoke: "Ashlar, if you go it will be to a martyr's death. Word has just reached Italy. The daughter of the witch Boleyn has been crowned Queen of England. This is Elizabeth, and the burnings of Catholics have once again begun." The witch Boleyn. It took me a moment to remember who this was, ah, the mistress of King Henry, the one who had enchanted him and turned him against the Church. Yes, Elizabeth, the daughter. And so Good Queen Mary, who had tried to bring the land back to the faith, was now dead. "I cannot let this stop me. Father," I said. "I cannot." And then in a rush I told him the whole tale. I walked back and forth in the chamber. I talked and talked. I told all th...
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