Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: verything I've told you! You believe this creature is . . ." "We know it is," said Ryan. "Now please do go. Settle in at the Pontchartrain, and make yourself comfortable, and don't go out. Ger- ald and Carl will be with you." Aaron had taken Lark's arm before he could answer. Aaron escorted L, a. a a ti. K Lark into the outer office and then into the corridor of the building. Lark saw the two young men, more cookie-cutter Mayfairs in pale wool suits with lemon or pink silk ties. "Look, I ... er ... I have to sit down a minute," he said. "At the hotel," said Lightner. "Your people did this? Your people went into Keplinger and took that information?" "That's my guess," said Lightner. Obviously the man was mis- erable. "Then that means they ran down Flanagan? They killed him?" "No, it doesn't necessarily mean that. No, I can't say that it means that. I don't believe it means that. I believe that they ... took ad...
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