Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Good god child you found your mother yeah im fine

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Unformatted text preview: and stood to love me still if I could earn their forgiveness. And in that room behind me was a darling child who touched my heart as all children always have-and this child was mine, my firstborn! All the good things, I thought, the good things which are life itself! And damn this demon to hell that I cannot get rid of it! But what right had I to complain? What right had I to regret? What right had I to be ashamed? I'd let the thing enslave me from my earliest years, when I knew it was treacherous and fanciful and pompous and selfish. I'd known. I'd played into its hands as all the witches had, as the whole family had. And now, if it was to let me live, I had to be of some clear use to it. I had to think of something. Teaching Mary Beth wouldn't be enough. No, not nearly enough. After all the thing itself was a damned good teacher. No, I had to think of something quick, and it was going to take all my witches' gifts tfiflslft it- Even as I brooded, the fa^^y gathered. Cousins came running, shouti...
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