Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He already had my soul why not give him the form he

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Unformatted text preview: g!" he said. "See how she struggles! And your breasts, they are filling with milk again!" Mother screamed. He covered Mother's mouth with his hand, and she tried to bite his fingers! Emaleth wept. This was terrible, terrible, this darkness and clangor over the entire horizon. What was the world when one suffered so? It was nothing. She wanted to put things in their mouths to stop their mouths so they could not speak hate to each other. She pushed at the roof of the world. She saw herself a woman born running from one to the other, and stuffing their mouths with leaves from the forest floor so they could not say hurtful words to each other. "You will drink the orange juice, you will drink the milk," said Father in fury. "Only if you untie me again, and let me up. Then I'll eat. If I can sit on the side of the bed, I'll eat." Please, Father, be kind to Mother. Mother's heart is full of sorrow. Mother must have the food. Mother has been starved. Mother is weak. V...
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