Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He bit his tongue he wanted mitch to go on this

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Unformatted text preview: y has been trying since Christmas Day. That's when she disappeared. I'm on an eight-thirty plane tonight to see her family in New Orleans. I'm the last one to have heard from Rowan. Her phone call to me two weeks ago is the only current evidence that Rowan is even alive. One phone call, then the specimens. When I contacted her family for funds, which is what she asked me to do, they told me about her disappearance. She has been spotted once since Christmas Day . . . maybe ... in a town in Scotland called Donnelaith." "What about the courier service which delivered the specimens? Where was the pickup? Trace it." "Done. Dead end. The service picked them up from a hotel con- cierge in Geneva, to which they were given by a female guest as she was checking out. The woman does fit Rowan's description, somewhat, but there's no proof that Rowan was ever a guest in this hotel, at least not under her own name. "The whole thing was surreptitious. She'd given the concierge info as to the destination of the package several days before....
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