Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He broke the glass on a window and unlocked a door

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Unformatted text preview: rts, convinced that it led back to Robert the Bruce. A young couple in love who cared about no one. And Lasher and Rowan. At supper he tried some of the hard food. He hated it. He wanted to nurse. He stared at her hungrily. They had the best and most spacious room, very prim and proper LASHER with a ruffled bed beneath the low white-painted beams, a thick carpet and a little fire to take away the chill, and a sweeping view of the glen below them. He told the innkeeper they must not have a phone in the room, they must have privacy, and what meals he wanted prepared for them and when, and then he took her wrist in his terrible, painful grip and said, "We are going out into the valley." He pulled her down the stairs into the front room of the inn. The couple sat glowering at them from a small distant table. "It's dark," she said. She was tired from the drive and faintly sick again. "Why don't we wait until morning?" "No," he said. "Put on your...
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