Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He cannot be in two places at once please believe me

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Unformatted text preview: now. It's small. You are so like a May fair, to want to be fierce and reckless, and then be guilt-ridden! Don 'tyou know that^s how it is with us? Nobody gets off light. Are you certain she wouldn't hate me for it? That it was so small? I didn't think you would think it was small. That's the whole trick of it, deciding what is small and large. It's small. Finally, her head against the rough bark of the oak, she slept. Thirty HE LIKED the house. It stood on the street, that is Esplanade Avenue, rather like a palazzo in Rome or a town house in Am- sterdam, and though it was brick stuccoed over, it had the appearance of stone. It was painted in Roman colors, the dark Pompeian red, with a deep ocher trim. Esplanade Avenue had seen better days. But it was architecturally fascinating to Yuri, all these marvelous vintage buildings, amid the other commercial makeshift trash. He'd enjoyed his long walk through the Quarter, meandering, and then coming upon this house just as he reached the border of...
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