Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He closed his right hand into a fist then opened it

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Unformatted text preview: she was in Zurich only because of the banking transactions she performed; in Paris, because she ran certain medical tests there which she later sent to Dr. Samuel Larkin in Cali- fornia. Geneva, because that is the city from which she called the doctor on the phone and from which she sent him the medical informa- tion. She ran tests at a clinic there, and those too were forwarded to Dr. Larkin." "She called this doctor? He actually spoke to her?" This should have given him hope; this should have been something other than the sting it was. But he knew that his face was reddening. She called, but she did not call me. She called her old doctor friend in San Francisco. He tried to look tranquil, appreciative, open-minded. "Yes," said Aaron, "she called Dr. Larkin on February twelfth. She was brief. She told him she was sending a shipment of medical tests, specimens, samples, et cetera, that he was to take them to the Keplinger Institute for analysis. She told him she...
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