Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He could feel the blood rushing to his face now he

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Unformatted text preview: That tree is going to break." His cassock was blowing every which way. "You go inside," I said. "I like the storm and I'll close the gate behind me." I stood alone among the trees in the crowded little place where the Morning Glory grew wild, and there were a few scattered vibrant pink lilies. A little untended garden by and large, and in a grotto, covered over with green moss, the Virgin standing. The trees were now whipped to a fury. The lilies were torn and trampled as if the wind had big boots. I had to place my hand on the trunk of the tree to steady myself. I was smiling. "Well? What can you do to me?" I asked. "Shower me with leaves? Make it rain if you will. I shall change my clothes when I go home. Do your damnedest!" I waited. The trees grew still. A few vagrant raindrops fell on the brick path. I reached down and picked up one of the lilies, crushed and broken. ^NiSb I heard the great LiSsx and undeniable sound of weeping. Not audi- ble you understand, not through the ear. Only through my soul, a heartbroken weeping. There was more than sorrow in it. T...
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