Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He could still smell the fire in the house which mona

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Unformatted text preview: e world like the Christ of Diirer. "Michael, you cannot hurt me," he said, his voice unsteady and fl) filled with soft emotion. "You cannot kill me! Am I to blame for what I am? Look into my eyes, you cannot do it. You know it." "You never learn, do you?" Michael whispered. Aaron quickly tightened his grip on Michael's shoulder. "There will be no killing," Aaron said. "We will take him with us. We'll go to Amsterdam. I shall go with Erich and with Norgan. And with him. I shall make absolutely certain that he is taken directly to the Motherhouse and there placed ..." "No, you won't," said Michael. "Michael," said Stolov, "this is too big a mystery to be destroyed in an instant by one man." "No, it isn't," said Michael. "We have only begun to understand," said Aaron. "Dear God. Don't you realize what this means? Michael, come to your senses-" "Yes, I do realize," said Michael. &quo...
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