Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He did not look back he had no particular interest in

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Unformatted text preview: the first time the Mayfair Witches seemed real to him; as a matter of fact, the entire investigation acquired a luminescence for him which no investigation had ever had in the past. Yuri picked up the books and brochures sold for tourists. He photo- graphed the ruins of the Donnelaith Cathedral and the new chapel only recently uncovered, with the sarcophagus of an unknown saint. He spent his last afternoon in Donnelaith exploring the ruins until sunset, and that night, he eagerly called Aaron from Edinburgh and told him all these feelings, and tried to draw from Aaron some statement about the mysterious couple and who they were. Could the male companion be the spirit Lasher, come into the world in some human guise? Aaron said that he was eager to explain everything, but now was not the time. Michael Curry, Rowan Mayfair's husband, had been nearly killed on Christmas Day in New Orleans, and Aaron wanted to stay close to him, no matter what else was going on. When Yuri got back to London, he turned the fingerprints and photographs over to the laboratory for processing and classification,...
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