Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He felt the increased rate and a little pain in his

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Unformatted text preview: he was hearing Michael's words, or should even be here. Aaron too had been devastated by Gifford's death. He had taken Bea under his wing, and comforted her throughout the ordeal of the Metai- rie funeral parlor, and cemetery and mausoleum, tie was worn ana tired, and fairly miserable, and no amount of British decorum could hide it any longer. Then there had been Alicia, hysterical and hospital- ized at last; Aaron had helped with that too, side by side with Ryan as he broke the news to Patrick that Alicia was malnourished and sick and must be cared for. Patrick had tried to hit Ryan. And Bea had made no secret anymore of her developing affection for Aaron; she had found a man she could depend upon, she said quietly to Michael as they drove home. But now it all fell on this man, Ryan Mayfair, this lawyer who managed every little detail for everyone-and he didn't have Gifford at his side anymore, to argue with him, to believe in him, to help him. And he was already back at work. It was too soon to know how...
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