Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He got most of the skin and shattered bone and blood

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Unformatted text preview: the foot of the steps, and began the ancient words in Latin. I will go in to the Altar of God. At the Consecration, as the tiny bells rang out to mark the sacred moment, I held up the Host. This is My Body. I grasped the chalice. This is My Blood. I ate the Body. I drank the Blood. And finally I turned to give out the Holy Communion, to see them streaming towards me, young and old and feeble and hardy and those 545 with babes who held down the little babies' heads as they themselves opened their mouths to receive the sacred Host. High above, amid the narrow soaring arches of this vast building, the shadows hovered, but the light rose, blessed and bright, seeking every corner to illuminate it, seeking every bit of cold stone to make it warm. The Laird himself, my father, came to receive Communion, and with him my fearful sister, Emaleth, who bowed her head at the last second so none would see that I did not give her the Host. And uncles whom I knew from long ago, and kinswomen, yes, and the chieftains of the...
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