Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He had described the place in houston where shed run

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Unformatted text preview: and very lightly on Yuri's back as they followed the carpeted corridor together, passengers streaming by them, the hollow space itself seem- ing to swallow all warm sounds. The man's tone was very cooperative and open. Yuri didn't quite believe it. "Yuri," said the other. "You shouldn't have left the Motherhouse, but I understand why you did. But you know we are an authoritarian order. You know obedience is important. And you know why." "No, you tell me why. I am excommunicated now. I feel no obliga- tion to talk to you. I came to see Aaron. That's the only reason I am here." "I know that, of course I do," said the other, nodding. "Here, shall we stop for coffee?" "No, I want to go to the hotel. I want to meet with Aaron as soon as I can." LASHER "He couldn't see you now if he wanted to," said Stolov in a low conciliatory voice. "The Mayfair family is in a state of crisis. He is with them. Besides, Aaron is an o...
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