Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He knelt as if he had collapsed he laid his head on

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Unformatted text preview: e hung on her lip. She was looking at him. Right at him. And he understood. It was only a partial understand- ing but it was plenty. He dropped his eyes, he murmured something about he would think about it, yes, he would probably go to the St. Regis, he would call again from there. "Oh, I'm so relieved to hear it," came that warm ingratiating voice. "Anton will be so pleased." "I'll bet." He hung up, picked up his bag and walked down the concourse. He did not notice the numbers of the various gates, the names of the snack stands, the bookshops, the gift stores. He walked and he walked. At some point he turned to the left. And then on he went to a great gate that ended this arm of the terminal and then he pivoted and walked very fast back the way he'd come. He almost ran into her, she was that close on him. He came face to face with her, and she-startled-stepped to the side. She almost tripped. Her face colored. She glanced back at him, and then she took of...
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