Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: passed, and he had lived in this house like one of its ghosts, and that was over, and he had to search for his wife. They had just come back from Ryan's house, from the two hours of drinking and talking after Gifford's funeral. They had come back to the house-come for this conference, and some merely to be with each other a little longer, crying for Gifford as it was the family custom to do. All during last night's wake and the funeral today he had seen the looks of amazement on their faces as they shook his hand, as they told him he looked "so much better," as they whispered about him to one another. "Look at Michael! Michael's come back from the dead." There was the awful raucous shock of Gifford's untimely death on the one hand-a perfect wife and mother removed from life, leaving behind a brilliant and beloved lawyer husband and three exquisite children. And then there was the shock that Michael was OK, that the legendary abandoned husband, the latest male victim o...
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