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He liked this little lobby the amiable southern

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Unformatted text preview: No, she didn't," Lark said. "Who are you people, really?" "You know, Dr. Larkin, I don't honestly know the answer to that question. I suppose I never have. I'm just more frank with myself about it these days. Things happen. New Orleans works its spell on people. So do the Mayfairs. I was guessing on the tests; you might say I was trying to read your mind." Lark laughed. All this had been said so agreeably, and so philosoph- ically. Lark sympathized with this man suddenly. In the dim light of the car, he also noticed things about him. That Lightner suffered from mild emphysema and that he had never smoked, and probably never been a drinker, and was fairly hale in a decade of programmed fragil- ity-his eighties. Lightner smiled, and looked out the window. The driver of the car was a mere dark shape behind the blackened glass. Lark realized the car was loaded with all the standard amenities- the little television set, and the soft drinks tucked into ice in pockets on the middle doors. What about c...
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