Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He looked norwegian to yuri not russian erich stolov

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Unformatted text preview: , we'll go, the three of us, an escapade, you can believe it. All of you go. Carlotta, stay." She didn't require coaxing. In a moment the vast dining room was still and the murals seemed as always to be closing in on us, ready to transport us out from under the plaster moldings and far away to the verdant fields of Riverbend which they so charmingly rendered. River- bend, which by this time was gone. "Did she tell you the poem?" I said to Carlotta. Carlotta nodded. And very slowly, taking her time, she recited each verse as I remembered it. "I have told it to Mother," she said. This shocked me. "Lot of good that it did. What did you think would happen?" she demanded. "Did you think you could all dance with the Devil and not pay the price?" "But I never knew for sure that he was the Devil. There was no God and Devil at Riverbend when I was born. I did the best with what I had." "You will burn in hell," she said. A bit of terror went throug...
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