Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He looked for all the world like the christ of diirer

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Unformatted text preview: dress. Several young acolytes appeared, and put on their surplices and their gowns. "Come on, Fathers," I said to the frightened priests. "See, the boys are braver than you are. What is the hour? We must make the Proces- sion. The Mass must be said at the stroke of twelve! Protestant, Catho- lic, pagan. I cannot save them all, nor bring them together. But I can bring Christ down upon the altar in the Transubstantiation. And Christ will be born tonight in this valley as He has always been!" I stepped out of the sacristy and to the crowd, I raised my voice. "Prepare for the Christmas Procession," I declared. "Who would be Joseph and who would be our Blessed Mother, and what child have we in this village that I may place in the manger before I step to the Altar of God to say the Mass? Let the Holy Family be flesh and blood tonight, let them be of the valley. And all of you who would take the shape and skins of animals, walk in the Procession to the manger and kneel there as d...
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