Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He looked good all things considered as robust as

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Unformatted text preview: "She was hugging herself, you know, like a woman having cramps." Gerald Mayfair, still stunned and sick over the fact that Dr. Samuel Larkin had slipped away from his care and vanished, had gone with Shelby, Pierce's big sister, and Patrick, Mona's father, off to the swamp near St. Martinville to search the spot where Rowan had been found. Rowan had been hemorrhaging, just like the others, though she was not dead. At twelve last night they had performed an emergency hys- terectomy on the unconscious woman, with only Michael there-in tears-to consent. It was either that or she'd never make it till morning. 413 Incomplete miscarriage. Other complications. "Look, we're lucky she's still breathing." And breathing she was. Who knew what they might discover up there in the grass in that St. Martinville swamp park? It was Mona who had suggested this and was all for going herself. Patrick, her dad, was all sobered up now and determined to be of help. Ryan had wanted Mona to remain here with him. Mona couldn't q...
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