Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He made love to her over and over whether she was

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Unformatted text preview: money would go through Rome and even in one case through Brazil before it came to her. She found the bank officials very helpful. At a law firm recom- mended by the bank, he watched and listened patiently as she wrote out instructions, entitling Michael to the First Street house for the rest of his life, and to whatever amount of the legacy he wanted. "But we will return there, won't we?" he demanded. "We will live there, someday, you and I. In that house! He will not have it forever." "That's impossible now." Oh, the folly. An awe fell over the members of the law firm as they fired up their computers and put the information out on the wire, and soon con- firmed for her, yes, Michael Curry in the city of New Orleans, Louisi- ana, was ill and in intensive care at Mercy Hospital, but definitely living! He saw as she hung her head and began to cry. One hour after they left the lawyer's office, he told her to sit on the bench in the Tuileries and be still and that he would never be out of sight. He returned with two new passpo...
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