Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He sat across the table red faced trying to catch his

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Unformatted text preview: man had given us, this Talamasca File on the Mayfair Witches as it is so audaciously called, and now we find ourselves embroiled in events which make sense in terms of this file." "Oh, so you two are in this together," said Beatrice in a cold small voice, very unlike herself. "This is preposterous," said Lauren softly. "Are you trying to imply that Aaron Lightner was responsible for the events he documented? Good heavens, have you no memory of the things that you yourself have seen and heard?" Ryan interrupted: "The Talamasca was thoroughly investigated in the nineteen-fifties by Carlotta," he said. "Her investigation was hardly sympathetic. She was looking for legal grounds to attack the organiza- tion. She found none. There has been no grim conspiracy originating with the Talamasca against us." LASHER Lauren spoke up again, decisively, drowning out at once the other voices which struggled to be heard. "There is absolutely nothing to be gained from pursuing this ques- tion," she...
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