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He sent the customary full copy to the elders via fax

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Unformatted text preview: he found a communique from the Elders in his printer. "We are pleased that you have gone out of your way to welcome Anton. We feel that Anton will be a superb Superior General. If this adjustment is difficult for you, we are here." There was also an assignment for Yuri. He was to go to Dubrovnik to pick up several important packages and take them to Amsterdam, then come home. Routine. Fun. lun wouia nave gone TO spend <^nnstmas witn Aaron in FNew Orleans, but Aaron told him long distance that this was not possible, and that the investigation was at this point very discouraging, the most discouraging of his career. "What's happened with the Mayfair Witches?" asked Yuri. He ex- plained to Aaron that he had read the entire file. He asked if he might perform some small task in connection with the investigation. Aaron said no. "Keep the faith, Yuri," said Aaron. "I'll see you when God wills." It was not like Aaron to make such a statement. It was...
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