Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He stared at the blood in utter puzzlement i have to

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Unformatted text preview: rts. Now they could change ho- tels and be different people. She felt numb and full of aches. When they reached the second hotel, the glorious George V, she collapsed on the couch in the suite and slept for hours. How was she to study him? Money wasn't the point; she needed equipment she herself could not operate. She needed a medical staff, electronic programs, brain scan machines, all manner of things. He went out with her to buy notebooks. He was changing before LASHER "Tell me the earliest thing you remember." That there was no time, he said. "And what did you feel, was it love for Suzanne?" He hesitated and said that he thought it was a great burning hatred. "Hatred? Why was that?" He honestly didn't know. He looked out the window and said that in general he had no patience with humans. They were clumsy and stupid and could not process data in their brains as he could. He had played the fool for humans. He would not do it again. "What was the weather on the morning that Suzanne...
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