Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He started murmuring and then cleared his throat lark

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Unformatted text preview: wo chromosomes . . . well, if he-" "He has to have them." "But Rowan said something about an outside factor. She said the father was normal, she even said she loved the father. He was her hus- band. She started to get upset on the phone. That's about the time she ended the conversation. Told me to contact the family for money, and then rang off. I'm not sure to this day whether she and I were not cut off." "Oh, I know who this man is! Of course. Everyone was talking about this. This is the man Rowan rescued from the sea." "Exactly, Michael Curry." "Yeah, Curry. The guy who came back from death with the psychic power in his hands. Oh, how we wanted to run some tests with him. I even tried to call Rowan about it. I saw the articles on the guy in the papers." "Yes. That's the man all right." "He went back to New Orleans with Rowan." "More or less." "They got married." "Definitely." &quot...
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