Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He thought he had dreamed of eng land of snowy

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Unformatted text preview: elieve you. And now, I find myself hunted and threatened again." Stolov glanced uneasily at Aaron and at Michael. Norgan watched Stolov as if for some cue. "You've done right," said Stolov. "You've done wisely. And we're prepared to take you to Amsterdam. That is why we're here." "Oh no. You won't do this," said Michael softly. "Michael, what do you want of us?" demanded Stolov. "You think we can stand by and let you destroy this creature?" "Michael, you have heard my story," said Lasher sadly, wiping at his tears again so like a child. "Be assured no harm will come to you," said Stolov. He turned to Michael. "We're taking him with us. We're taking him out of your hands and out of any place where he can hurt you or any of your women. It will be as if he was never here . . ." "No, wait," said Lasher. "Michael, you've listened to me," he said, his voice heartbroken as before. He leant forward; his eyes were glazed and imploring. He looked for all th...
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