Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He thought he had things pretty much under control

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Unformatted text preview: huge staircase, to one side of the hall, and turning midway, with a broad landing and grim stained glass which made me pause for a moment. For as the light came through the glass, as it passed through the yellow and red panes, I thought of the Cathedral and "remem- bered" it as I had not in years, not since I'd left Scotland. I could feel the spirit collected around me. I pushed on, out of breath till I reached the upper hall. "Where is the attic stairs?" "There, there," cried Stella, leading me through the double doors to the rear hall, and there was the lesser staircase in a narrow well, and the door at the top of it. "Evelyn, come down, my child!" I cried. "Evelyn, come down. I cannot come up this long climb. Come down, my girl, I'm your grand- father come to get you." There was silence in the house. All the others crowded in the hallway door, staring, so many white oval faces, mouths agape, eyes large and hollow. IS: 369 "She will not listen to you," cried one of the women. "...
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