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Anne Rice v1 Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: could undoubtedly feel this love and this care. Michael mentioned that he didn't know what kind of music Rowan really liked. Did any of them know? 467 The doctor had more to say. "We will continue intravenous feeding for as long as the body car successfully metabolize the food. Now there may come a time when th< body cannot do this; when we have problems with the liver and kid neys; but that is down the road a bit. For now Rowan is receiving s balanced diet. This morning the nurse swore Rowan sucked a tiny bil of fluid from a straw. We will continue to offer this. But unless then is some real ability to take nourishment in this way-which I doubt- we will continue to feed through the vein." Everyone nodded. "It was only a drop or two," said Lily. "Just like a baby's reflex, sucking up the fluid." "This can be rewarded and strengthened!" said Mona. "Christ, maybe she likes the taste of the food!" "Yes, surely that would make a difference to her," said Pierce. "We can try...
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