Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He unlocked the gate and went to the faucet by the

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Unformatted text preview: bent and dwarfish female, with a great smiling mouth, and a hump upon her back and burning eyes. "Taltos, Taltos, Taltos!" she screamed, and came towards me, and I knew the scent was coming from her! I saw my sister plunge towards me but then my father caught her and forced her down to the ground. He held her struggling on her knees. One of the little people, bitter, fiery of eye. "Aye, but we shall make giants together, my tall brother, my spouse!" she cried. And opening her arms she opened as well the tatters of her ragged gown. I saw her breasts huge and inviting, hanging down upon her small belly. The smell was in my nostrils, in my head, and as she stepped up onto the table before me, it seemed she grew tall and beautiful in my eyes, a woman of grace and slender limbs and long white fingers reach- ing out to caress my face. Pure female of your own ilk. "No, Ashlar!" cried my sister, and I saw the downward movement of my father's fist, and heard her body fall to the sto...
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