Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He vanished and i staggered on alone only to have him

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Unformatted text preview: he absolute wonder of my life, and how much I loved my family, and how they flourished beneath the wing of this terrible evil. Maybe it was so with all families, I thought. At the heart a curse, a devil's bargain. A terrible sin. For how else can one attain such riches and freedom? But I didn't really believe this. I believed, on the con- trary, in virtue. I saw my definition of virtue. To be good, to love, to father, to mother, to nurture, to heal. I saw it in its shining simplicity. "What can you do, you fool?" I asked of myself. "Except keep your family safe, give them the means to live on their own, strong and healthy and good. Give them conscience and protect them from evil." Then a solemn thought came to me. I was sitting there still, with the warm light of the lantern about me, and the high church on both sides, and the grass flattened like a bed before me. I looked up again, and saw that the moon had moved right into the great circle of the rose window. The glass of course was all gone. I knew it had been a rose window because I knew what they were. And I knew the meaning as well, the great hierarchy of all things w...
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